I think I may have a plumbing leak. How can I be sure?

Most meters have a leak indicator in the shape of a star, triangle or small gear on the face of the meter. To verify a leak, make sure that all fixtures are off, including your icemaker and any devices that draw water automatically. Then check your meter to see if the leak indicator is moving. If it is, you likely have a leak.

I see water or water damage, but no meter movement. How can that be?

You may have a leak above ground that is too small to activate the meter, or you may be seeing signs of water intrusion into your home from outside sources.

What should I do if I hear water running?

Make sure none of your fixtures are running; if they are not running, call Patriot Leak Detection, LLC.

Are my water lines in the concrete foundation?

Not usually. Most often, your pipes are in the soil under the foundation and only come into contact with the foundation where they come up to feed a fixture. At those points, they are generally protected by a plastic or foam sleeve.


What should my water consumption be per month?

An average 3-person family uses 8,000 to 10,000 gallons a month, excluding irrigation.

Can a leaking toilet run up my water bill?

Absolutely. A leaking toilet can draw as little as a few gallons per hour or over 200 gallons per hour if stuck full on. Water loss due to a leaking toilet should never be underestimated.

How does Patriot Leak Detection, LLC, locate hidden leaks?

We use modern technology and techniques we have developed during our 15 years in the business. Most leaks on pressurized lines are located acoustically by listening through the slab, foundation or wall with electronic equipment to determine the leak location.

How long does it take to find a leak?

Most leaks are found within 1 to 2 hours.

Can Patriot Leak Detection, LLC, fix the problem?

Patriot Leak Detection, LLC, does not do any plumbing repairs. Once the leak is detected, we can recommend a plumber in your area that specializes in your specific leak issue.

What will happen if I don't find and fix a water leak?

In most cases, a leak will grow to the point where it floods the home or, if outside, the increasing water loss and expense becomes intolerable.

If I have one leak, does it mean I will have more?

Not necessarily. We have found that the life of most piping ranges from 15 to 30 years depending on the type of pipe, but one leak is not a definite indication that the system is failing.

What should I do if I have had more than one plumbing leak?

We recommend fixing your first or second leak. After that, you should consider re-piping.

Will Patriot Leak Detection, LLC, damage my home while finding the leak?

No. Patriot Leak Detection, LLC, locates the leak using sound waves. We do not use the destructive, hit-and-miss techniques that so many companies do.

Is finding and fixing an underground leak a big job?

In most cases it is relatively simple. Patriot Leak Detection, LLC, can determine the area to repair so a plumber can disturb as little as possible.

Will my insurance cover leak detection?

In most cases yes, if the work required is more than the deductible.

Can Patriot Leak Detection, LLC, do the entire job?

We have a network of plumbers that we work with on a daily basis. We are happy to arrange the leak to be repaired after we locate it.

What if my house only leaks when it rains?

We specialize in water intrusion leak detection and solutions to correct such problems.

Can Patriot Leak Detection, LLC, make an inspection of a home I am buying?

Yes we do plumbing and water intrusion inspections on a regular basis for realtors and potential buyers. We can give you a clean bill of health on your home.

What if my pool is leaking?

Patriot Leak Detection, LLC, will locate your pool leak and can provide the plumbing/pool contractors to repair any problems we uncover.

How do I know if my pool leaks?

Most pools will lose about 1/8 inch of water per day to evaporation. If your pool is losing more than that, you may have a leak.

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