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Non-Invasive Leak Detection Delivered Through Cutting-Edge Technology

You do not have to tear up all your cement, brick, or asphalt in order to find the source of your leak!

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About Us

We are leading experts in leak detection with decades of experience

Family owned and operated, Patriot Leak Detection, LLC, has been in business for over 22 years building an outstanding reputation and a name that is synonymous with quality leak detection. One of the area’s first independent underground leak detection companies, we have located thousands of leaks over our many years in business.

22+ Years

Why Us

Avoid tearing up your property searching for leaks

The expertise of our technicians is unsurpassed in the industry, with skills developed through years of field experience following a three-year apprenticeship program. Their experience is key to our unmatched accuracy, service and customer satisfaction.

Hundreds of plumbers have relied on Patriot Leak Detection, LLC, to provide reliable, accurate leak detection to their residential, commercial, industrial and municipal customers. Our services include detection of underground leaks, water loss, water main leaks, leak surveys, concealed leaks, fire main leaks, electronic leak detection, swimming pool leaks, service line leaks, sewer breaks, helium leak detection, utility location and detection, swimming pool service and repair and plumbing leaks.




As the leading expert in residential leak detection, we can accurately determine the source and location of concealed leaks.
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Our technicians can accurately diagnose leak sources using state of the art technology for your commercial building.
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We work with municipalities to quickly identify and resolve problematic leaks that save thousands of dollars in damage and repair costs.
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